Vtech CMS About Us


VTech cares for its employees and recognises that harmonious staff relations and a committed workforce are vital to the success of the Group.
VTech strives to create a supportive, enjoyable workplace and treats employees with respect. We put emphasis on people-oriented management to ensure harmonious staff relations across the Group, especially in our manufacturing facilities in China.
Equal Opportunities
We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees, allowing them to make the most of their capabilities.

We have a strict policy of no discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, marital status, disability or any other non-job related factor. Remuneration is determined with reference to performance, qualifications and experience.

We value internal communications and encourage employees to voice their opinions. We maintain open communication with employees at all levels, through channels such as the website, internal newsletters, meetings and informal gatherings to communicate plans and policies.
Personal Development
We value our employees and believe it is crucial to enable them to utilize their potential at work fully. We encourage personal growth by providing training programs tailored to different needs. Sponsorship is made available for external training programs.
Employee Relations

We organize recreational events to foster a better team spirit and promote life balance. In Hong Kong, we support staff in sport and recreational events such as the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, where we have participated for the past nine years, and the annual dragon boat competition.

We also organize different recreational activities for staff every year at all our operations, such as parties for Christmas and Thanksgiving, picnics, barbecues, classes on swimming and photography, as well as sightseeing trips including two-day tours to mainland China for our Hong Kong staff.