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Company Milestones

2018 VTech acquired a manufacturing facility in Malaysia. The addition of a manufacturing site outside of mainland China strategically expands VTech’s global footprint in better serving the needs of its customers.
2016 New medical business unit was set up to handle medical and health care products. VTech acquired sheet metal factory to strengthen metal capabilities.
2015 Fifth manufacturing building was up and running. Total manufacturing areas are 85,000 sq. meter
2013 Fourth manufacturing building was built with manufacturing areas of 65,000 sq. meter.
2011 New factory building up and running in Nov. Total manufacturing capacity increased by 40%. Andy Leung was appointed as Executive Director of the VTech Group Full implementation of RoHS
2009 OHSAS 18001:2007 certified in March.
SA8000:2001 certified in June.
2008 R&D centre is established in Shenzhen.
2007 The 3rd Factory Building is established. Manufacturing space is increased 50%.
ANSI/ESD S20.20:2007 certified in August.
ISO14001:2004 certified in October.
2006 ISO16949:2002 certified in October.
2003 TS16949 certified in October.
ISO13485 certified in July.
2002 The 2nd Factory Building is established. Manufacturing space is increased 100%.
Implementation of lead free soldering process
TL9000 certified in October
ISO9001:2000 certified in November
Andy Leung was appointed as CEO of VTech Communications Ltd.
2001 ISO14000 certified.
1999 VTech Tracking System installed for inventory control.
Setting up of Sales & IPO office in Tokyo.
Setting up of Sales & IPO office in Boston.
1997 Factory moved from HouJie (HJ) to LiaoBu (LB) and expanded the manufacturing space to 150k sq.ft.
1996 VTech Tracking System in place for process control and product traceability.
1995 Factory moved from Hong Kong to HouJie with 70K sq. ft. in manufacturing space.
1994 ISO9002 Certified.
1993 Established as one of the business units of the Group with annual turnover of $20M.
Andy Leung was appointed as General Manager.