Vtech CMS Markets

Pro audio

    For years, VTech CMS has manufactured a wide range of products for professional audio industry, included analog and digital mixing consoles, microphones, amplifiers, recording products, and active speaker systems.In addition to the classical “manufacture-to-order”, VTech CMS has a highly educated and experienced team allowing us to provide our customers the necessary engineering support services, i.e. Audio Lab testing, design for manufacturing, and cost reduction evaluations.

Power Supply

    During the partnership with our scandinivian client, we built millions of power conversion products, either AC/DC to DC/DC, in power ranges from 30W to 1500 W. Our expertise here also includes the DFM aspect, as well as the EMI/RFI tests in regard to conducted and radiated noise. We possesses all necessary quality control and test equipment, such as Electronic Loads and Burn-In Chambers. We provided the highest quality and technology at the lowest possible manufacturing cost.


    VTech CMS having several successful years in design of LED Lighting products for both decorative and architectural applications. In addition, we manufactured LED bulbs which are dimmable and non-dimmable. The VTech CMS Team produces high quality, energy saving products and indirectly contributes hereby to the reduction and/or optimization of the energy consumption in households and the industry. The current manufacturing facilities include the most up-to-date test equipment for these applications which require the most uniformity of lighting. VTech CMS provides the highest quality and technology at the lowest possible manufacturing cost.


     The manufacturing of home health care, personal well-being and other medical products (non-patient-connect) is just one of the growing product application focuses in VTech CMS since late 90's. We assisted the completion of PCBA sub-assemblies and the manufacturing of complete products, such as blood analyzers. VTech CMS’s manufacturing facilities comply with the Medical Approvals (ISO 13485:2003). and FDA Regulations. ISO13485:2003: Clean room manufacturing facilities. Quality System Regulation 21 CFR part 820, compliant manufacturer of FDA Class II medical devices.

RF, Wireless, Communication

    Our experience in Radio Frequency (RF) product manufacturing and Telecomm Product manufacturing derives from our leading edge cordless phone product line which includes RF ranges up to 6 GHz. Today’s clients require a great deal of wireless headset applications, wireless microphones, LNA’s for the IT & Cell Technology providers, Tele- Conferencing products. Our Engineering Support is an essential part when working with our clients. We are therefore prepared to offer and apply the necessary engineering skills and test equipment for our clients, such as signal- to-noise measurements, testing of harmonic by-products, and the preparation for the necessary Agency Approvals.

Home automation/appliance

    Emerging high-tech applications often include wireless sub-systems in the Home Automation field, Appliances, and Energy Management (Home Energy Control, Energy Monitoring, Smart Meters, Smart Grids) have VTech CMS’ full attention. The manufacturing of these products require, for instance, certain agency certifications – such as the Meter & Instrument Directive (M.I.D.) - for products which are intended for use in the EU countries. VTech CMS has initiated the process for obtaining the necessary certifications.