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Vtech CMS Medical

The manufacturing of home health care, personal well-being and other medical products (non-patient-connect) is just one of the growing product application focuses within VTech CMS. The VTech CMS Team has experience in manufacturing health care and medical products since the late 90's. We can assist in the completion of PCBA sub-assemblies or the manufacturing of complete products, such as blood analyzers or other health care products. VTech CMS’s manufacturing facilities comply with the Medical Approvals (ISO 13485:2003). We are known for our superior quality, technology and customer support in order to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

VTech CMS is a FDA Regulations compliant company. By being registered as FDA compliant, VTech CMS meets the customer needs and FDA regulations through:

  • ISO13485:2003
  • Clean room manufacturing facilities.
  • Quality System Regulation 21 CFR part 820, compliant manufacturer of FDA Class II medical devices.

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