Vtech CMS Green Manufacturing

About NPI Center

VTech NPI Centre is one of the business units that comprises the VTech Contract Manufacturing Service (CMS). Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong and our engineering office is located in Shenzhen Nanshan.​

With many of customers facing difficulties during New Product Introduction, VTech NPI Center is dedicated to offering our professional solutions to overcome these challenges. Our NPI team is equipped to support customers during product design and development to ensure the end result is a marketable product backed by our established history of providing the highest quality electronic manufacturing services.

Our NPI Center offers swift and customizable solutions to meet our individual customers particular budget and schedule requirement.

To guard the intellectual property (IP) of our customers, VTech has developed a system utilizing precautions including tightly managed document control procedures. We are very proud to maintain a perfect record of IP protection throughout our history.