Vtech CMS Solutions

Supply Chain & Materials

Supply Chain Management

VTech CMS creates value for our customers and suppliers through innovative supply chain solutions. It is our aim to align customer expectations with the best supply chain strategy. VTech CMS treats our suppliers as assets of VTech since we share the methodology and technology as we grow together.

VTech CMS manages the procurement activities through the centralized procurement office which is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. VTech CMS will take the advantage of the maximum leverage from the VTech Group to achieve better prices, deliveries and services. Cost reduction negotiations will be done quarterly through global contracts. VTech develops strong relationships with its suppliers to attain the best prices on the materials.

VTech CMS is able to design a customized supply chain to address the area of component availability. VTech can build the product to order with the service of global delivery.

VTech CMS understands supply chain management as the key to the success of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). We will work with our suppliers to improve the performance. VTech CMS will make use of Supplier Performance Management and new supplier qualifications to improve the performance of the suppliers.

Material Technology

VTech CMS’s Material Technology Services addresses the issue of Approved Vendor List (AVL) for the famous well-known brands. We provide alternative solutions to the well-known brands with lower cost and better delivery lead times. For plastics and metals, VTech CMS Engineering can propose advanced design expertise with material technologies in order to achieve better prices and improve time to market.

VTech CMS Engineering designs customized solutions that will work the best for our customer. VTech CMS also understands that the customer’s goal is the highest quality product and the most efficient time to market. VTech CMS delivers these goals with the most advanced technologies and materials