Hearable & Wearable Device

Hearables, a perfect fusion of lifestyle wearable innovation and in-ear technology is a fast-growing market.

Today's hearable products are increasing in complexity and functionality and could be considered “miniaturized in-ear computers”. There are significant product design and manufacturing process challenges including a greater need for increased memory, faster processing, higher accuracy, longer battery life, and efficient power management, all within a miniature form factor for in-ear applications in both wireless and tethered environments. 

VTech is the manufacturer of the world's first smart TWS (True-Wireless) headset and has more than 15 years of experience on hearables for both consumer and commercial markets.

We have strong expertise in miniature product assembly and our facilities are equipped with highly-automated assembly lines, state-of-the-art SMT lines, and in-house acoustics equipment. VTech CMS supply every month more than a million units of hearables to the global market.