NPI Centre

Located at ShenZhen Nanshan Technology Zone, VTech’s NPI (New Product Introduction) Centre is one of the business units that comprise the VTech Contract Manufacturing Service (CMS).


With many customers facing difficulties during New Product Introduction, VTech’s NPI Centre is dedicated to offering our professional solutions to overcome these challenges. With the backup of VTech CMS’s world-class EMS experience and manufacturing facilities, our NPI team support customers to turn their idea into a marketable product and be ready for scale production.

Our NPI Centre offers swift and customizable solutions to meet our individual customers’ particular budget and schedule requirements.

VTech has a well-established system to safeguard our customers’ intellectual property (IP). We are very proud of maintaining a perfect record of IP protection throughout our history.

Our Resources/Facilities

VTech NPI Centre has our own production floor located at our VTech R&D Centre in Shenzhen with a variety of facilities to support NPI services to our customers.

What We Serve and Support?

VTech’s NPI Centre offers integrated NPI solutions to solve the challenges you face during new product development. Utilizing our following NPI Solutions during product development, we will be able to reduce the time to market launch while also lowering development and product costs: