IoT & Communication Technology

The Internet of Things is creating a new world, a quantifiable and measurable world, where people and businesses can manage their assets in better-informed ways and make better decisions about what they want or need to do.

The 5G technology will make billions of new connections possible: securely, and instantaneously. 5G will impact every industry – automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, and emergency services, just to name a few.

VTech CMS handles communications and IoT device manufacturing for clients from numerous different industries. Our goal is to develop & manufacture products that bring practical improvements in our world, increasing our convenience, health, and safety, while improving energy efficiency and comfort.

These products include:

Smart Thermostat and other Smart Home applications
Voice Control Solutions
Connected Lifestyle Electronics & Smart Appliance

Industrial IoT Applications
Wireless Communications & Infrastructure
IP & Optical Networking products

Our engineers' expertise in applying different sensor applications, connectivity solutions, and software design include:

  • Wireless solutions: WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, 433MHz, 860MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.4GHz, IR, GPS
  • Sensor applications
  • Voice Control: Alexa, Google Voice Assistant
  • Embedded firmware
  • DSP applications